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Spencer is a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps, having served from 2004 to 2012 and deploying twice to Al Anbar Province in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His path as an instructor began during his tour with 2D Marine Regiment, Headquarters Company where he was initially assigned as a Motor Vehicle Operator to the Regimental PSD Jump Team. After undergoing additional training at Special Operations Training Group (SOTG) Stone Bay, North Carolina, Spencer worked as a marksmanship instructor and maneuver live fire trainer under the Regimental Gunner (Infantry Weapons Officer), cultivating Iraqi Security Forces and the 7th Iraqi Reconnaissance Company. During his second tour in Iraq, Spencer designed and implemented small arms and medium machine gun training packages tailored around convoy operations to improve his unit’s operational readiness.


With a passion for teaching, Spencer reenlisted to attend Combat Instructor School at Camp Geiger, North Carolina where he was awarded the 0913 MOS, Marine Combat Instructor. Shortly thereafter, he attended Weapons Training Battalion, receiving the 0933 MOS, Combat Marksmanship Coach. Throughout his tenure at MCT Bn. Golf Co., Spencer attended Formal School of Instructors’ Course (FSIC), becoming an Infantry Tactics Platform Instructor, facilitating lessons, practical application, and performance evaluations for over 4,000 Marines over the course of three years. In addition to weapons employment, he has taught subjects ranging from land navigation to patrolling fundamentals and immediate action drills. 


After separating from the USMC with an honorable discharge at the rank of Sergeant, Spencer went to work in Afghanistan as the Site Security Manager (SSM) for a multinational construction firm from 2012-2014. There, he mobilized and led a guard force comprised of both local and third-country nationals; in conjunction with establishing a defensive life-support area, he trained the diverse guard force on marksmanship, medical response, and small-unit tactics. Throughout 2015, Spencer worked under Dagger Security Solutions and Cross Protective Services where he trained the public and law enforcement units on pistol and carbine packages. Most recently, Spencer has worked under Triple Canopy (A Constellis Company) in a force protection role with the Law Enforcement Support Operations (LESO) unit at various locations in the Middle East. 


Spencer graduated with a BA in Homeland Security (with honors) from American Military University in 2016 and is now completing a MA in International Relations & Conflict Resolution through American Public University. He remains an avid practitioner and student of both modern weapons and lifelong learning. Spencer joined Landers Weapon Systems – Training Group in April of 2018 to continue helping people attain proficiency in protecting themselves and their loved ones.  

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