Our P-10C package increases the ergonomics and grip traction of the frame. Texture is applied underneath the trigger guard for indexing your support hand and contoured for comfort.  The P-10C borders allow for texture to be applied where indexing points are typically placed. We took advantage of the long flat area beside the take down lever on each side and applied texture the whole length. This textured area allows for almost any hand size to engage it and lock in a grip.


P-10C frame package features:

  • Choice of Full wrap EDC stippling or ATAC / ATAC carry stippling.

  • Contouring and welding of back strap. Please include the back you would like to use. (Permanent modification)

  • Straightening of trigger guard with contouring and texture applied.

  • Texture applied to 2 normal length mag extensions if included with frame.

Stippling options

  • EDC stippling is a great option for concealed carrying. The subtle

   yet secure feel of the texture will aid in a solid purchase of the firearm​

  when drawing from concealment. EDC stippling will not irritate or 

  scrape the user's skin like typical rough textures and is less prone to 

  snagging clothing which enhances printing. If you are in the market

  for solid enhancements to your EDC firearm, then our EDC stippling is

  for you!

  • ATAC stippling "Aggressive Texture All Conditions" is a general purpose

  texture that we have developed to provide optimum grip traction under

  a variety of high stress situations and conditions. If you are looking for

  a visually pleasing pattern that provides a solid grip for all occasions,

  this is the texture for you. Due to the application process, this type of

  texture can only be applied to FDE and black frames. 


  • ATAC - Carry variant stippling is a middle ground between our EDC and

  ATAC ​stippling textures. The ATAC - Carry variant works great for concealed

 carry and hard use on the range while being less aggressive than our

 standard ATAC texture. The peaks of the texture are polished flat which

 allows for the user to carry against clothing or skin with no discomfort.

 Due to the application process, this type of texture can only be applied to

 FDE and black frames. 






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