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Our OEM+ frame package consists of some of our most popular Covert frame package features at a lower price point.

- The Tracker indexing points work great at helping you mitigate muzzle flip. The relief cut of the Tracker indexing point 

creates a generous ledge that can be used to drive the muzzle down while firing the weapon. This means you will be able to track your

front sight to the target faster for quick and accurate follow up shots. With the addition of our ATAC texture, it makes the Tracker 

indexing points one of the best modifications on the market for increasing your weapon proficiency.

- The Enhanced trigger guard relief cut offers additional clearance for your primary hand while allowing a higher grip to be obtained on

the weapon. This is advantageous since the lower the axis of the bore is, the easier it is to control the weapon and place accurate shots

down range. The beveled and contoured edges of the trigger guard allow that area to sit deeper in the support hand and promote a

comfortable grip. Our ATAC is added to the entire underside of the trigger guard to help lock in your grip.

The modifications listed above will instantly improve your weapon proficiency since they help you achieve a solid consistent grip.

Be prepared to discover how much more accurate and faster you can operate your weapon with the  LWS OEM+ frame package.


* Landers Weapon systems LLC will not be responsible for you shooting all of your ammo and/or friends ammo due to you becoming the 

human embodiment of a laser guided machine gun with the OEM+ frame package.





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