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Welcome to the LWS Training group. Here you will find instructors who we have

personally selected and found to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled in their

craft. Our goal is simple, we want to be able to bring you solid life saving skill

sets that you can pair with our proven services and products. Having an enhanced 

firearm will only get you so far. Once you combine proper fundamentals and

techniques under guided instruction, you will notice a significant increase in your
firearm proficiency and safety.


As the founder of Landers Weapon Systems LLC, I have personally vetted every

instructor listed below. I am proud to have these individuals as assets to this

company and take great pride in the LWS logos they wear and the LWS products

they use. Please take a moment and get to know the instructors listed below and

 If you have any questions on classes or instructors please feel free to contact us!

Garrett Landers - CEO Landers Weapon Systems LLC

Coming soon!

Christopher Woomer

Spencer Pellecer

Ken Hebert

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