Our Trijicon RMR cut is milled to a depth of .125" which includes front recoil posts and 6-32 mounting screws.


If your iron sights are not compatible with the optic/optic cut we will not reinstall them. Incompatible sights will be shipped back with the slide. An example of an incompatible sight would be a sights that hangs over the front dovetail 1/16" of an inch. This amount of hang over will collide with the RMR. Please see our super charger sights for a guaranteed lower 1/3 cowitness. We will install the sights at no charge if you bundle them with the optic cut.


Dissasembly is not required. We do not charge for dissasembly/reassembly. If you inlcude aftermarket sights, we will install them for free upon reassembly.


Our cut does not work on the 42. 43. 43x. 48. or 17L/41


This (1 week) turnaround Trijicon RMR milling includes Black Cerakote only. No other color can be requested. This helps us keep the process simple and quick so we can offer a rapid turn around.


***NO OTHER OPTIONS CAN BE ADDED TO THIS. To maintian a rapid 1 week turn around, this service only includes Trijicon RMR milling and black cerakote. Please see our other trijicon RMR milling option if you would like to add it to a slide serration package.


Your order must be sent in within 1 week of placing the order.

(1 week) Trijicon RMR milling