The Alpha slide milling package is a our take on take on a classic glock serration design. Segmenting the serrations around the factory logos has always looked clean and allowed enhanced traction for press checks. We went a step further and applied a raked angle to our serrations which allows us to machine the serrations deeper at the top while remaining thinner at the bottom. The raked angle allows us to machine the deepest serrations possible while not piercing through the slide frame rail channels. When compared to other shops that offer a similar style design, our serrations are x2 the depth at the top of the serration than they are! This means our Alpha slide package will perform better due to the added traction from the deeper serrations.  Browse through our photos and you will be able to see for yourself just how more effective and deeper our serrations are!Heres some numbers for you:OEM Glock serration depth .018"Typical aftermarket enhanced serration .020"-.025"LWS Alpha slide serration .025" bottom / .050" topIf you are looking for a subtle, effective and budget friendly slide package, then the Alpha slide millingpackage is a great choice for you!The only add on options for the Alpha are Reactor serrations and optic cuts.Be sure to add Cerakote to your order if you are needing your slide recoated after milling. 

Alpha slide milling package