The LWS Glock frame laser engraving fixture allows for the user to effeciently setup and engrave their designs.


Here is how it works:


Step 1. Install the fixture with included flush mount bolts to your table. Its advised to add a small reference mark with a sharpie to indicate what holes you used to mount the fixture. This will allow you to place the fixture in the correct spot before starting an operation.


Step 2. Align your files to the fixture. The fixture will always be able to be placed in the exact spot you designate on the table. Once your files are aligned, you simply drop your frame onto the indexing pin. The two raised areas of the fixture act as a shoulder for the frames rails to sit flush against. This creates a nice snug fit that aids in a solid "no wiggle" setup.


Step 3. Hit the mark button! you are ready to go. If you have multiple frames, you can now place them all in the exact same spot with your fixture.


Here are some of the feautes:


  • Fixture can be placed in the exact spot you left it due to tight tolerances around the mounting bolts. This means that once you align your files to the fixture, you never have to re-align your glock frames again! simply install the fixture, load your files, and start engraving.
  • Frames can be mirrored by simply lifting it off the index pin and flipping it over before placing it back on the index pin.
  • Works with a large majority of glock frames such as 19/17/34/23/22/35 or similar and also 42/43/43x/48 when used with an offest spacer underneath frame (card board). *please note that due to this fixtures design, it is almost a univesral fixture for glock platform pistols, but we have yet to test it with larger sized frames such as the 10mm and 45acp frames.



***Fixtures will be grey and not white as the photo shows.


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frame laser engraving fixture for Glock