The LWS Interceptor slide is our most advanced slide we have created to date. The Interceptor slide starts out as a precision machined 17-4 stainless blank before undergoing 5 hours of manual milling operations. Evering single bevel and serration is hand machined, making this slide very special to us. We take an extreme amount of care in creating this slide and due to the amount of effort invloved in machining them, we will only be releasing a limited number. Only 4 are schedlued to be created in 2018!


We took some influence from some of the original serrations found on early 1911's and enlarged them slightly to increase traction. The interceptor slide serrations are then wrapped onto the chamfers and top of the slide to create an aggressive look and generate ample traction area for press checking and clearence manipulations.


The Interceptor slide shares the same profile as our Range hammer 2 slide package by including chamfering of all edges and compound muzzle chamfers as well.


After the milling process great care is taken to insure all edges are debured and no imperfections exsist before blasting and coaitng are applied. 


We take alot of pride in producing the Interceptor slide and we hope that you will be as proud to own it.


*The slide shown has been Coated with Black Cerakote and is compatible with Gen3 or Polymer 80 frames only.




Interceptor G19 Slide (Gen 3)