LWS Covert frame pacakge reservation. 


This item is for reserving a spot in our work queue. We will be selling a limited number of spots through out the year so if this item is out of stock, please sign up for our mailing list or keep an eye on our instagram page for when they are availble. 


Here is how it works:

1. Purchase a reservation and download the work order form file from our frame packages page.

2. Send in your project with in 1 week of your purchase.

3. We will complete projects on a "first to arrive" at shop basis. We will only take in a limited amount of frames, so even if yours is the last to show up, it will be completed in a timely manner.

4. Upon completion of your project we will invoice you for the remainder of the balance listed below.


Full size Glock frames G19/17/34 or equivalent : $380

Mag release relief cut: $80


What is include with the Covert frame package?


We start by smoothing out hte frame and applying geomatric recessed borders to the frame.


We will add a tracker indexing point to the support hand side of the frame. Please specify on the work order if you are primarily a right or left handed shooter. If no directions are recieved, the tracker indexing point will be placed on the left side of the frame in realtion the the muzzle being pointed away from you. For example,  a right handed shooter will have a tracker indexing point placed on the left side of the frame so the support hand thumb can engage it and aid in driving the muzzle down upon recoil. ATAC texture will be applied to the index point on the opposing side.


Additional material is applied to the back strap to create a straight taper in place of the curved factory bulge. This mod helps the pistol point more naturally straight instead of having to tilt your grip up to counteract the large OEM back strap hump.


We apply our enhanced trigger guard relief cut. The trigger guard cut allows for a more comfortable grip and increases the surface area of the grip. Clients with large hands will especially appreciate this mod.


The frame recieves a full wrap of ATAC texture. Our ATAC texture works great due to its "bite" and long lasting structure. ATAC texture wont wear out or is quick to clog like typical textures.


LWS Covert frame packages have th eoption of a magazine release relief cut option on gen3 models which is not an option on the RECON frame packge




Gen4-5 frames will have their back strap lines removed,this will mean that you can no longer use the factory back straps once we apply this frame package. 


On colored frames other than black, Discoloration can occur from the melting of the polymer. We dont not offer back strap straightening on these types of frames.


For clients that want a more subtle texture with less bite, we offer a "Carry" treatment where we tone down our ATAC texture. The ATAC "Carry" texture can be worn directly against the skin with out rubbing you raw. Just add to your order, that you would like ATAC "Carry" and we will apply the treatment at no additional cost.


Lead times can range from 3-6 weeks. 

LWS Covert frame package -RESERVATION-