The LWS integral compensator is our take on integrally compensating a glock. Our hole mesh ports do a great job at mitigating muzzle flip so you can track your sights better and stay on target. This design is a balance of style and function with reliability being the main focus. No recoil spring reduction is needed for this modification.

What's included with this package:
- Slide port for hole mesh ports to alight with
- Hole mesh barrel porting
- Relocation of front sight to behind slide port.

The LWS integral compensator is only available as an add on feature to our slide milling packages. Simply add this product to your cart and the slide milling package you would like and we will combine them.

The pictures shown are of a G19 with an LWS integral compensator, RMR cut and Range hammer 3 slide milling package.

LWS Integral Compensator