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Only available for G19, G19X, G45, G48, G43, G43X slides, all generations.


*** this is a slide milling package, not a turn key slide.


After numerous request, we decided to make this exact slide package available.




- Range Hammer side serrations and shallow cut windows.


- CHAINSAW serrations along the top and beveled edges.


- XOST top port. Clients can choose to send their barrel in to have matching XOST barrel ports for an additional fee. XOST barrel porting service can be found in our web store.


-Black cerakote is included for free.


*** Optic cut is not included. If you would like to purchase an optic cut, please select it from our web store and add it to your cart before checkout.


Please see our info section for shipping directions and helpful tips.


* this is a service that will be applied to client provided slides.


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