LWS Recon frame pacakge.


 We will be selling a limited number of spots throughout the year so if this item is out of stock, please sign up for our mailing list or keep an eye on our instagram page for when they are availble.


Here is how it works:

1. Purchase and download the work order form file from our frame packages page.

2. Send in your project with within 1 week of your purchase.

3. We will complete projects on a "first to arrive" at shop basis. We will only take in a limited amount of frames, so even if yours is the last to show up, it will be completed in a timely manner.

4. Upon completion of your project we will notify you via the information provided.



What is include with the Recon frame package?

We start by removing the front strap finger grooves and then apply our RTFX texture to the sides of the frame. The RTFX texure is gentle enough to make constant contact against the skin while carrying and still provide a nice amount of "bite" when grip pressure is applied. RTFX texture is also appllied to indexing point areas on both sides of the frame


 ATAC texture is applied to the front and back strap of the frame and underneath the trigger guard. Our ATAC texture works great due to its "bite" and long lasting structure. ATAC texture wont wear out and is not quick to clog like typical textures.


- OPTIONS - Please add these to your work order if you would like any of these modifications


*Full wrap ATAC texture instead of laser texture. +$95


*Full wrap ATAC carry texture instead of laser texture. +$95


* apply ATAC texture to your mag release button at no additional cost.


* Dual trigger guard cut is not available on these small style frames.


-IMPORTANT NOTES- Gen4-5 frames will have their back strap lines removed,this will mean that you can no longer use the factory back straps once we apply this frame package. Lead times can range from 4-10 weeks Shipping can be purchased now or once final invoice has been sent. If you would like to include shipping with your purchase please pick one of our options on the drop down menu upon checkout.


*We do not offer our Recon frame package for colored frames any longer unless you allow us to coat the frame back tot he factory color and apply full wrap ATAC texture. This is due to the ATAC texture process blackening the surface since factory colored frames are prone to charing. Frames that are coated after modification look and perform great. We can not offer an option where we laser engrave the frame and then coat it due to the laser taking 20x the time to engrave factory colored polymer. We can perform the prior mentioned service to 19X FDE and BFG colored frames. We do not work on factory colored grey frames.


***THIS ITEM IS NONE REFUNDABLE. Please do not purchase this item, then decide you dont want to follow through afterward. It is not fair to us or the people that were not able to get a spot since these sell out fast. We ask that you make sure you truly want our services before purchasing this item.


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LWS Recon frame package G43/X/48