The LWS SOLIDUS slide package!


We developed the SOLIDUS slide package to be unique and extremely effective at increasing slide manipulation proficiency. The SOLIDUS features enlarged serrations flats which allows for users wearing gloves to easily engage them. The enlarged flats promte flushing of debris which can clog traditional serrations and promote a solid grip on the slide when engaged. The SOLIDUS comes standard with anti glare serrations which look very nice but also cut down on the glare from the sun as the name suggests. We spent alot of time designing and testing this slide on the range. We are very proud to offer the SOLIDUS to our clients and we hope you will be proud to own and train with it.


Please be sure to add slide coating from our shop to your cart if you would like us to Cerakote your slide while its here.


If You would like an RMR cut milled into your slide, please add it from our shop to your cart. SOLIDUS slide packages will include a custom machined RMR cover if the RMR cut is added to your cart.


 This package does not include an RMR cut but the picture shown has one included. If no RMR cut is added to the order, we will place anti glare serrations the full length of the slide. 


Additional options other than slide coating and RMR cut, are not able to be combined with this slide package.


Price shown is for milling only on a client provided slide. Please send in your slide with a printed receipt to expedite the modification process.

LWS SOLIDUS Slide Package