Your firearm is a great defensive tool and we have the perfect slide milling packageto help you run that tool fast and proficiently.  The original Range Hammer slidemilling package was extremely functional but we saw room for improvement. After discovering new milling procedures we were able to redesign the Range Hammer package so it promotes better traction and includes new enhanced features. The Range Hammer 2  features:		Enhanced forward and rear serrations			New compound muzzle chamfers for easier holstering			Clean side profile cuts for deletion of factory roll marks			All edges beveled	 Please include a printed copy of your receipt when sending in your slide. Dissasembly of your side is not necessary. If you would like to have new sights installed, please include them with the slide and we will install them for FREE! Additonal slide milling features along with coaintg can be added to the Range Hammer 2 slide milling package by adding them to your cart.

Range Hammer 2 slide milling package