The Reconix base plate is a substantial upgrade over the stock Glock base plate. We wanted a base plate that would allow us to more effectively handle a magazine while reloading and also not obnoxiously protrude and print like a +5 base pad. The Reconix base plate features the following.- Recessed textured side panels for grip traction and also creates a ledge for ripping the mag out if it becomes seized.- Front texture relief cut for aligning your index finger to the front of the magazine. This promotes proper reloading practices. - Texture has been applied to the bottom side of the base plate. This aids in acquiring a solid purchase on the magazine while driving it up and into the gun during a reload.- The base plate body has been shaped and contoured to mitigate “printing” so you can conceal carry confidently.*The Reconix Base plate is a solid extension and provides no additional round capacity. This also means that it is a drop in upgrade to your magazine with no +power springs required. This also means that this product is available to our friends in California and other states that regulate magazine capacity extensions.*** This base plate will only fit Glock double stack magazines excluding the 10mm & 45 ACP variants. For example G19/17/34 magazines can accept the Reconix base plate.


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LWS Enhanced base plate for Glock