The Reconix Scythe charger is a refined enlarged latch charging handle that fixes an issue we were experiencing. While running a magnifier or low mounted optic we always found ourselves pinching at the charging handle latch. Trying to charge a rifle with the tips of your finger isnt impossible, but it sure would be alot easier if there was a huge latch to grab!


The enlarged latch features linear serrations on both sides to promote a secure grip. The size of the latch allows for you to easily hook your index and middle finger around it for a solid engagement or you can even use the side of your palm if the scenario presented its self.


We dont consider this product to be some revolutionary design. It is just a enlarged latch charging handle that allows you to easily charge your weapon or lock the bolt back in the event you experience a stoppage and thats all it needs to do.


This product is a drop in upgrade to any AR15 rifle that accepts standard style charging handles.

Reconix Scythe Charger