-Private LWS Slide milling course -

Student will learn proper techinques to insure production of quality slide milling. We will adapt each course to the students experience level. It wont matter if you have never milled a single piece of metal in your life. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to immediatley offer your own slide milling services and increase your revenue!

Course scope:


  • Proper tools needed and accesories to make your job easier
  • Safety precautions
  • Setting up your mill to begin milling slides
  • Slide fixturing
  • Complete understanding of maximum depth of cuts to retain structural integrity
  • Places to avoid so you dont accidentally ruin a slide
  • Endmill selection and spacing needed to machine a glock slide from start to finish
  • Includes enhanced Glock slide design that you will be able to immediatley offer to your clients
  • Final prep before coating application


 Our goal is for you to be able to take all the risk and guess work out of slide milling! We will share almost a decade worth of experience, tips and tricks to help you out.


*** This will be a course conducted over video chat via facetime or other viable application. Course can take up to 6 hours and student should schedule their day accordingly after agreeing upon time with instructor. 


*** Course fee is non refundable. 


***We will be offering additonal support to our students after course completion at flat hourly rate if needed.



- Slide milling course -