The LWS Vampire! We wanted this slide to have some bite!


The Vampire features:

- Enhanced rear serrations which are some of the most effective serrations on the market due to their raked angle design. 

- All edges beveled.

- LWS Reactor style serrations running front to back on top of the slide.

- Tri flutes with optional crimson red color fill

- All roll marks removed with shallow profile cut for clean appearnce

- Front LWS Reactor serrations that are placed within a recessed relief cut wich helps guide the users hand into place.


*The LWS Vampire is available for all models of Glock. On slides such as the G34, G43x or similar, the serrations depth will be reduced due to the thickness of the side wall and or slide.


Coating is not included with this package but can be added by selecting "Cerakote -single color-" from the web store and adding it to your cart. We keep the coating cost seperate so our clients have the freedom to have their slide coated at another shop of their choice if desired.